Over the years, we have hadparents ask us about completing the well exam surveys on the Internet prior to coming into the office.  We are proud to announce that this is now an option for busy parents.

Parents can set up a portal account with our office that will not only allow them to view portions of their child’s medical record, such as immunization records and growth history, but will also allow them to complete questionnaires by linking the portal account to the secure CHADIS site.

  1. To get started you will need a portal account.  For this you will need an e-mail address. (Don't have one? Don’t worry, we can help you set one up!)  We will issue you a temporary password which will allow you to enter the portal account, you will be asked to reset your password on your first initial log in. Temporary passwords expire 24 hours after they are issued.  Please note: you can only access children for which you are the legal parent or guardian and they must be under 18 (unless you have conservatorship).
  2. Once you have a portal log in you are now able to receive invitations to complete paperwork online.  If your visit requires a survey, it will be available on the portal once your appointment is confirmed.  Confirmation of appointments can be accomplished by:
    1. Us leaving a message on your voicemail
    2. Us speaking with you or other authorized contact and verbally confirming the appointment
    3. You self-confirming the appointment on-line via your portal account. (You can do this at the bottom of the Patient Services page where it shows upcoming appointments for your child.)
  3. Now that your appointment has been confirmed you will see the questionnaire (from here on it will be referred to as a survey) populate in your portal account.  There will be a link to the right hand that says “Take the Survey”.  Once you click on that link you will be redirected to the CHADIS site.  Rest assured that both the portal and CHADIS are secure, encrypted websites that are entirely safe.  
  4. Your first visit to CHADIS will require you to accept the terms of their agreement.  The first visit for each child will also require you to answer a few baseline questions such as if the child was premature or if the child is one of multiple siblings born on the same day (twins, triplets, etc.). 
  5. After you answer the baseline questions you will be directed to the CHADIS homepage where you will see your child’s name and the survey or surveys that are assigned to your child.  You can begin the survey at your convenience and you do not have to finish in one sitting.  You may save your progress and when you log back in the survey will pick up where you left off.  To complete the survey click the “start” link and follow the prompts.  At the end of the survey you will have the option to review the survey or to submit it to the provider.  Once you have submitted the survey it populates in your child’s chart in our office so that your provider can review it prior to the visit.  If there are multiple surveys you will have the option to begin the next survey or to log out and return at a later time.
  6. If your child is 12 or older, they may complete the surveys themselves. They may have their own separate portal account or you can just sign in and let them use yours.