Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Plateau Pediatrics is committed to listening to our patients. In 2012, we conducted two surveys in our office to hear your ideas for improving our services to you. We greatly appreciate your feedback, positive comments, and suggestions for improvement. Your compliments about our staff were refreshing and very much appreciated. Please read on to learn how we are addressing the concerns that were identified:

Your concern: No “Sick” and “Well” child areas in the waiting room.

We opted not to design our building this way (read here for a more detailed explanation why.) However, it is our goal to take you back to an exam room as quickly as possible. Between patients, a clinical staff member will sanitize and clean each exam room. We hope this will prevent any well child from getting sick and any sick child from getting sicker! Being taken back to an exam room does not necessarily mean the doctor or nurse practitioner is ready to see you, but it does limit your contact with other sick children.

Your concern: Not enough toys in the waiting room.

Because children who are sick frequently visit our clinic, keeping toys germ-free would be an impossible challenge. Instead, we offer activity packets with crayons that your child can take home! Please see the front desk receptionist for an activity packet for your child.

Your concern: It is sometimes difficult to talk to a real person when I call.

It is our goal to promptly answer the calls that we receive, however, we sometimes experience high call volumes. Also, we encourage you to take advantage of our nurse triage line! You can call 707-8785 during our office hours to speak to a triage nurse for any concerns you have with your child, including breastfeeding difficulty, behavioral issues, sick children, feeding questions, lab results, medication refills, physical and Head Start forms, and much more! If you are asked to leave a message, a nurse should call you back within 30 minutes to answer your questions concerning clinical advice and by the end of the day regarding prescriptions or referrals.

Your concern: Too much paperwork in the office.

We understand that your first visits here have substantial registration requirements. It is for this reason we offer all of your new patient paperwork and some patient questionnaires online to complete ahead of time. Also, our website allows you to create a patient account that you can use to send and receive messages, documents, and any other required paperwork.

Thank you again for your feedback. We hope future surveys will be as informative as these were!