Reaching an On-Call Provider or Nurse After Hours

Reaching an on-call provider or nurse after hours is easy!  Call our main line at 931-707-8700 and wait for the call to be transferred to our answering service.  Select the option that meets your needs!

Option 1 - leave a message for the on-call provider (you will need to press 1 again within this option to reach the message box for the provider).  Select this option if you have an urgent need. Wait for your call to be returned by our on-call provider or registered nurse, please be patient as sometimes our provider receives several messages at one time. Keep phone lines open and disable any call blocking or Do Not Disturb options on your phone.  Call from a land line if at all possible as cell phone reception may not be reliable.

Option 3 - leave a message for the office, these messages are answered on the next business day.  If you need to cancel an appointment, request a refill, or have a non-urgent question select this prompt.