What is a medical home?

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A medical home is a way of providing health care based on a trusting partnership between patients, their families, and a primary care team.  Medical homes offer increased access to health care (American Academy of Pediatrics, n.d., Medical Home). In pediatric care, it is especially important that care is not only patient-centered, but also family-centered, because pediatric patients are very reliant on their families. The primary care team, led by a physician or nurse practitioner (also called the primary care provider), oversees the patients’ continuous care over time and across multiple community settings.  Having a medical home facilitates comprehensive care across the numerous components of today’s complicated health care system.  Medical homes promote safe care that is based on research evidence.  Technological resources are used to enhance communication across care settings, allowing for more coordinated care. The care that medical homes provide is compassionate and culturally centered (American Academy of Pediatrics, n.d., Family-Centered Medical Home Overview). For more information on medical homes, check out the American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Home YouTube channel.

Plateau Pediatrics strives to be an excellent medical home for your child.  We provide easy access to primary health care. We are conveniently located at 3234 Miller Avenue in Crossville. This places us at the heart of Cumberland County just a few minutes from I-40, US-127, and US-70. We offer same day appointments for sick patients and have a nurse phone line available for questions or concerns that do not require office visits. An on-call physician is available after hours by calling the Cumberland Medical Center main phone line and asking for the on-call pediatrician. 

We schedule our patients with their primary care providers whenever possible, and this consistency helps build trusting partnerships between patients, their families, and their primary care providers. We recognize that children are cared for in the context of their families, so we attempt to consider family circumstances and needs when planning their care.  As primary care providers, our physicians and nurse practitioners oversee their patients’ care over time, from birth until early adulthood. They also oversee their patients’ care across multiple settings, providing referrals to specialists, recommending counseling or behavioral services, arranging for developmental evaluations, arranging for inpatient treatment at Cumberland Medical Center, and arranging other services as they are needed.

Our primary care providers maintain communication with the other health care professionals who provide care for our patients to allow for comprehensive care that is well coordinated.  Communicating with other health providers also allows for avoidance of needlessly duplicating diagnostic tests. We are committed to providing care that is safe and effective. In order to do this, we practice evidence-based medicine.  This means that the treatment we provide and the care we recommend is based on medical research findings and also takes our patients’ individual values and preferences into account.  We utilize electronic medical records and e-prescribing to enhance clear communication between our practice and other facilities involved in our patients’ care.  Our patients and their families are precious to us, so we seek to treat each person we encounter in our office, on our phones, and through email with the utmost level of compassion.  We appreciate the cultural diversity of our population of patients and families. We strive to be sensitive to cultural differences and to provide treatment and education to our patients and their families in culturally appropriate ways. We seek to overcome language barriers, where they exist, by using a telephone based translation service and by producing many of our educational materials and patient forms and information in both English and Spanish.


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