Recommended pediatric websites

Sorting out good information from the bad information on the Internet can be difficult. This list is intended to help guide you to websites that are reliable and accurate.

General pediatric sites

  • Kids Health sponsored by the Nemours Foundation. Well-written articles for parents, and special areas for children and teens.
  • KidsGrowth. A 'filing cabinet' of resources and references for parents.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics. Free online information about safety, immunizations, and child development. You can also order books and videos about children's health written and endorsed by board-certified pediatricians.
  • Health Topics: Infants and Children at the Centers for Disease Control. Articles on common illnesses, development, and safety.
  • Children's Health Medical Library at Articles on common children's health topics, written and approved by leading medical societies, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association.
  • HealthFinder. Search patient health literature for specific topics of your interest.
  • MedlinePlus. Search lay health literature with the same tool physicians use to keep up-to-date in medical literature.

Immunization information

Behavior, developmental, and learning problems

Other Resources