Feeding Intake Diary Infants and Newborns

How to record intake and output for your infant:

  • Always record the time of each intake or output episode.

  • If your baby is bottle fed, record the number of ounces (oz) your baby takes at each feeding. This can usually be found on the bottle. If your baby is bottle fed pumped breast milk, please record this in the “notes” section.

  • If your baby is breast fed, record which breast and the number of minutes they fed.

  • You can use the notes section of the form to record the characteristics of stool, spit up, urine (color, consistency), or how your baby was acting.

 Also, did you know there’s an app for that! Feed Baby is a way to track and monitor your baby’s feeding, diaper changes, sleep, etc. Here’s the link to Feed Baby.

If this app doesn’t work for you, there are others available that you can try.