Sunday start instructions for oral contraceptives

  • Take your first pill on the Sunday after your period begins. If your period begins on Sunday, start your pills that day. The first pill of each pack should fall on a Sunday.

  • Take a pill each day until you finish the pack and then start a new pack. Do not skip any days between packs. If you miss a pill or take a pill late, you may spot or bleed and you should use a back-up birth control method until you start your next pack of pills.

  • During the fourth week of your pills you should start your period. Your period should stop once you begin the new pack of pills.

  • It is very important to take your pills at the same time everyday. Taking your pill at the same time as something else you do regularly is a good way not to forget. You may want to take your pill at night before you go to bed when you brush your teeth, or you may want to set you cell phone alarm as a reminder.

  • If you have taken all your pills correctly and have a very light period or miss a period, keep taking the pills.

  • If you miss two periods in a row or if you miss any pills and miss your period, contact us. Certain medications, such as antibiotics, may cause your pills to be less effective. Birth control pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.