Can I still wear makeup with sensitive skin?

Teenage girls can still wear makeup but may find that their eczema or acne seems less severe if they:

  1. Choose powder-based or pencil-based cosmetics, rather than liquid, when possible. Powder cosmetics contain fewer ingredients and preservatives than those in liquid form.
  2. Avoid waterproof cosmetics. Getting them off at the end of the day requires more strong chemicals, which can also strip the skin.
  3. Watch expiration dates. Old makeup can become contaminated.
  4. Wash makeup brushes and sponges regularly to prevent bacterial buildup.
  5. Use black eyeliner and mascara. Black appears to be the least allergenic of the colors.
  6. Use earth-toned, light colored eye shadows like tan, cream, or beige rather than dark colors like blue. The lighter colors have a lower concentration of irritating pigments.
  7. Avoid nail polish. Touching one's eyes and face can cause irritation.
  8. If a liquid foundation is used, choose one with a silicone base.