How do I keep a sleep diary?

Keeping a sleep diary is an important step in figuring out the reason you are having difficulty sleeping. A sleep diary keeps track of common behaviors and habits that interfere with sleep and will help determine what the problem is. When requested by your provider, a sleep diary can help to identify what issues may be causing your difficulty sleeping. To get an accurate picture, it is important to keep the diet diary for several days (preferably one week.)

  • What time did you/your child go to bed?

  • What time did you/your child wake up?

  • Were any naps taken during the course of the day? What time? How long?

  • What physical activities did you/your child engage in during the day? When? For how long?

  • What did you/your child do for the last 30 minutes - 1 hour prior to bedtime?

  • What foods and beverages have you/your child had today? What time?

  • Please list any and all medications and what time they were taken. Please include over-the- counter and herbal medications.

 Be sure to bring this information, along with a completed Sleep Log with you to your appointment.