Temper tantrum resources

Temper tantrums are common, frustrating events for families of preschoolers.  Here are some good resources on the Internet that will help you prepare the next time your kid has a meltdown:

  • How to manage and prevent temper tantrums (Explains why children have tantrums, tips to avoid tantrums, tantrum tactics, and what to do after the tantrum has subsided. Also helps the adult to relate to how the child is feeling.)
  • Tantrums (Explains what tantrums are, and treatment and prevention of tantrums. This article also has a good bit about grocery store tantrums and how to prevent them.)
  • Temper Tantrums  (Addresses what causes temper tantrums, prevention, response during a tantrum, and things parents should know about tantrums.)
  • Temper tantrums in toddlers How to keep the peace (Addresses prevention and how to handle a dangerous and destructive child during a tantrum.)
  • Tantrums (Strategies on how to handle tantrums.)