About Plateau Pediatrics
Located in Crossville, Tennessee, we are excited about helping serve the health care needs of Cumberland County children. Our three board-certified pediatricians and board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner care for young people from birth until age 21, marriage, or pregnancy. We provide comprehensive medical home services, including:
  • Well-baby and well-child exams
  • Daycare, school, sports, and camp physicals
  • Same-day appointments for sick and injured children
  • Management of chronic childhood illnesses
  • Primary care for children with special needs
  • All required (and some optional) vaccines
  • Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian
  • Breastfeeding support services
  • Hearing, vision, developmental, and behavioral screening
  • Inpatient care at Cumberland Medical Center for children requiring hospitalization
  • Coordination of tests and services (physical therapy, MRI)
  • Coordination of referral care for children requiring pediatric subspecialists
  • An on-call physician available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Suzanne Berman, M.D. Otherwise healthy young children can occasionally complain about pain with urination. Bladder infections (UTIs) can certainly cause this symptom, as well as fever, belly or back pain, and the frequent, urgent need to urinate. That's why we'll usually check urine samples and urine cultures in young children with urinary symptoms. We will also check for blood, stones, and sugar in the urine at this time (all of which can cause pain.) Most of the time, fortunately, children don't have UTIs as an explanation for their pain. However, there are a number of other common reasons that children, especially girls, can have painful urination. Urethral irritation. The tip of the urethra is very sensitive and can become easily irritated, from chemicals, chafing, etc. To reduce irritation, we recommend the following: Don't use bubble bath in the tub. Don't let the cake of soap sit in the tub with your child. Little girls should wipe gently from front to... View more